MASTERPOST: Emma Stone attends Toronto International Film Festival
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Hello Emma fans! As you know, Emma is currently in Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival where she will be promoting her upcoming movie Battle of The Sexes, a movie that will be hitting theaters on September 22! We decided to do something new this time and make a masterpost – where you will find all events Emma attended at the film festival, portraits taken, information on her outfits, interviews and much more! This post will be updated as Emma attends more events, and interviews get released – So follow us on twitter @emmastonefannet as we’ll let you know if we add more stuff into this post!


Even though Emma didn’t attend any event related to Battle of The Sexes at Toronto International Film Festival, we couldn’t help but mention the party she attended at the film festival, hosted by HFPA & InStyle. Emma looked beautiful in a black Chloé Resort 2018 dress, and was praised by her co-star Sarah Silverman. The reason? Being Emma Stone.

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“I’m so impressed with her as a human and as an actress,” Silverman said, adding, “I just love her as a human being and she’s so brilliant. She loves what she does and she never has a crappy moment, you know?” (source)


Very busy day for Emma! It was her official first day at Toronto International Film Festival, and she spent the morning chatting with multiple publications about Battle of The Sexes before attending the film’s premiere later in the evening. While doing press, Emma was wearing a Louis Vuitton creation (outfit goals)!

Emma’s first stop while promoting the movie was at The Hollywood Reporter. While there are no official photos from the interview, the video has been published and in it Emma speaks about the movie, saying it’s about “love, social change, and people discovering who they are.” Emma also stopped by The Hollywood Lounge, where she signed a message on American Air wall in support of female empowerment.

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Then the Battle of the Sexes cast made their way to Variety Studio presented by AT&T. The full video is yet to be released but the reporter Ramin Setoodeh‏, who interviewed the cast, teased us on the interview by tweeting some quotes said by the stars during the interview.

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(Emma Stone on playing a real person) “It was my first time playing a real person. No one can live up to Bille Jean King.”

(Billie Jean King on Battle of The Sexes“They got it right. I have to thank Emma for going through everything I went through.”

With press done for the day, it was time for the premiere! Emma arrived to the premiere wearing a Tom Ford cocktail white dress, and not only she spoke to some reporters but also interacted to some fans before walking inside to watch the film. We couldn’t help but highlight some tweets posted by people who watched the movie yesterday and overall, it looks like we’ve got a winning movie coming out soon!

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“Love the chemistry between Emma Stone and Andrea Riseborough — a sweet, halting love story in BATTLE OF THE SEXES.” (source)

“Emma Stone is great once again as Billie Jean King in a movie that’s covers a lot more than one tennis match.” (source)

“Battle of the Sexes is a strong, night effective piece of cinema. Emma Stone delivers her best turn yet. She could go back to back!” (source)

Stopped by IndieWire while at the premiere, Emma spoke about playing Billie Jean King and playing tennis with Billie Jean King herself. She was also interviewed by ET Canada, where she spoke about equal pay in Hollywood.

“No pressure at all,” Stone joked when asked about taking on the role. “Billie Jean’s not an icon, that’s okay. No, it’ll be fun!”

“It was my first time playing a real person, and that person happened to be Billie Jean King,” the actress added. “No one can live up to Billie Jean King, so I knew that going in. But I sat with Billie Jean, we were able to talk about things. She was so warm and open and supportive, and said instantly, ‘I will respect whatever your process is, I’m here if you want to talk, whatever you need.’”

The pair even hit the tennis court together, during which Stone joked she “threw balls basically at me,” adding that the former champ is also a skilled coach who helped the actress zone in on her strengths and weaknesses.

And while that might sound like a dream scenario for anyone seeking to play a person like King, Stone admitted a surprising truth: the more she spent time with King, the more terrified she got.

“I quickly kind of realized something I didn’t know, which was that the closer I got to her, the more I was going to fear really, really letting her down,” Stone said. “Then I realized that none of the fear went away, so I don’t know what I was doing. Because it just stayed the same! She was incredibly reassuring.”

After attending the big event of the night, Emma switched her outfit to a more casual one as she attended Fox Searchlight TIFF Party! It was the last event Emma attended yesterday.

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Toronto International Film Festival is over for Emma, but before saying goodbye to the festival that showered her with love and admiration, she attended a press conference for Battle of The Sexes inside the festival! Of course, always memorable and Emma didn’t hold back in making the best faces!

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Emma posed for quite a few publications while promoting Battle of The Sexes at Toronto International Film Festival. Alone, with Billie Jean King and the movie’s cast, Emma looked extremely beautiful in each portrait.

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Multiple videos have been released of Emma and the Battle of The Sexes cast promoting the movie at Toronto International Film Festival. You can find all of these videos HERE.

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