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PHOTO: Emma Covers Marie Claire Magazine
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It was announced today that Emma is the September cover of Marie Claire! She looks stunning in this new photoshoot photographed by Greg Karel! Take a look at it and at a preview of the inverview:



Do I want to do a Q&A with Emma Stone for Marie Claire? Fuck yeah, I do. I have enjoyed the Emma Stone of it all for a while now. Since Superbad, maybe? But she really grabbed me when she did a bit at the 2012 Academy Awards. After that, I was totally smitten. She was in a red dress with a big bow, presenting an award for visual effects, and her comedy skills were tight. Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill were perfect straight men—parts usually reserved for women while the male comic sparkles. With no crazy costume or visual joke, and far beyond the comic skill set of the average actor, she killed it.

The writing was adorable, but the performance was everything. [The bit had Stone milk her first appearance as a presenter.] As a comedy snob, I was officially wowed. That’s when the name “Emma Stone” was forever embedded in my bean. Then, last spring, I got to work with her on this here movie, Battle of the Sexes. All of my scenes were with Emma, and I found out more good news: This lil’ mama is not just übertalented, she is the loveliest, most thoughtful, real-deal person on either side of the Mississipi.

The crew felt like a traveling carnival in only the best ways. From the hair-and-makeup department to the director of photography—all had come to this movie from La La Land. They seemed to be a family, traveling with Emma from movie set to movie set. It wasn’t like a clique; it really was like a family. One that says, “Hey, come join us! We are a band of misfits, and you belong!” And that vibe and warmth starts with a wacky, red-haired, giant-eyed source of pure love and art named Emily Jean Stone. For her middle name alone, she was destined to play one of America’s greatest sports heroes and icons of the equal-rights movement.


(Photos) 89th Annual Academy Awards Portraits
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Our gallery has been updated with Emma’s portraits from the 89th Annual Academy Awards Portraits and as well from the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Check them out:

(Photo) Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling cover The Wrap
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Emma and Ryan Gosling are on the cover of the February 15th issue of The Wrap, and we’ve added to the gallery scans from the issue along with one outtake of Emma.

001.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 001.jpg

(Photos) SAG Award Portrait by People
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Our gallery was updated with a portrait by People Magazine of Emma during the SAG Awards last night. Check it out:

(PHOTO) Emma covers The Hollywood Reporter Magazine
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Emma is on the cover of the new edition of The Hollywood Reporter Magazine! Emma talks about fame, panick attacks and how she moved to Hollywood and started her carreer. Check it out:


It’s a rainy Monday afternoon, and Emma Stone is ensconced at a corner table at the restaurant inside the Sunset Tower Hotel. Her enormous green eyes survey the dining room — “Is that Paul Thomas Anderson?” she wonders about a scruffy patron at another table (it isn’t) — as she picks nervously at a hummus and veggie platter. She says she’s doing her best “not to think about the Oscars,” but who is she kidding? The nominations will be announced in less than 24 hours. Of course she’s thinking about the Oscars.
“I’m sure somebody will call me and let me know what happens in the morning,” she says. “Probably my mom — it always tends to be my mom.” Then, she quickly adds, “not that I’m expecting to get nominated. It could easily go the other way. Anything can happen.”


(PHOTO+VIDEO) Emma covers Vanity Fair Hollywood
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Emma alongside other amazing actress are on the cover of the Hollywood Edition of Vanity Fair! The Hollywood edition features some of the highlight actress from the past year. You can check the pictures from the shoot, as well some behind the scenes videos bellow:


(Gallery Updates) Latest Photoshoots
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Emma has been promoting La La Land in a bunch of magazines and different media channels and we’ve updated our gallery with her latest photo sessions. Make sure to check out!


The Hollywood Reporter Actress Roundtable
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Seven A-list contenders — including Amy Adams, Annette Bening, Naomie Harris and Isabelle Huppert — sound off on their biggest fears, bucket-list goals and why questions about equal pay should be directed toward producers: “We are always put on the chopping block to put our opinion out there. … I don’t want to be a headline anymore about pay equality.”

001 002 01 001

A few years back during a THR Actress Roundtable, Taraji P. Henson revealed she had tried acting only after coming to realize that her electrical engineering studies weren’t working out. “I failed pre-calc,” she told the group in 2008. “Not calculus, pre-calc! The class that preps you for all the math you have to do.” It’s ironic that the actress (on that roundtable for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) was invited back this year for her performance as a math wiz in Hidden Figures, where she’s one of three black women — all based on real-life characters — who helped NASA launch a man-into-space program in the 1960s. Henson, 46, was joined for the Nov. 13 roundtable taping at a Hollywood production studio by Amy Adams, 42, with two films in the awards conversation, Arrivaland Nocturnal Animals; Annette Bening, 58, who stars in 20th Century Women; and British actress Naomie Harris, 40, who plays a crack-addicted mother in Moonlight.

Rounding out the group were French legend Isabelle Huppert, 63, who depicts an unusual and provocative rape victim in the Cannes breakout Elle; Natalie Portman, 35 (an Oscar winner for Black Swan), who nails the voice and emotion of Jacqueline Kennedy in the days following her husband’s assassination in Jackie; and Emma Stone, 28, who sings, dances and romances Ryan Gosling in La La Land.

After a recent drought, 2016 has been an especially strong year for women’s roles, though some of the panelists made it clear they disliked being questioned about such things. “Ask the Producer Roundtable,” said Adams when queried about gender-based pay equality. But that was just one subject in a freewheeling conversation ranging from the personal (Bening said she used her role as a 1970s mother to reevaluate how she relates to her own children) to the spiritual. Said Henson, “I think God is very funny by giving me this role.”

If you could put one great movie performance in a time capsule, what would you choose?

TARAJI P. HENSON Tom Hanks in Philadelphia. It speaks to what’s happening today in the world, including health care. And yeah, [AIDS is] still an epidemic. We don’t have a handle on that yet.

NAOMIE HARRIS I am obsessed with The Sound of Music. That is my favorite movie.


AMY ADAMS Can I use that answer? You and I will go do a sing-along afterward.

BENING I went to the sing-along at the Hollywood Bowl with my children.

ADAMS It handles a really important time in history about what was happening on the precipice of that war.

BENING The first [performance] that popped into my head was Liv Ullmann in Persona. But I think that was because it was one of the first serious movies I saw in the little art house in San Diego where I grew up. I hadn’t seen films like that before.

NATALIE PORTMAN One of the performances I think of the most is Emily Watson in Breaking the Waves. That relationship with God and with herself and with her sexuality and all of that is so human and strange and beautiful.

ISABELLE HUPPERT Usually I have difficulty answering such a question, and strangely enough, right away I thought of Shirley MacLaine in Some Came Running, the Vincente Minnelli film. For me, she is really just the actress.

EMMA STONE John Candy in Planes, Trains & Automobiles. I’m serious. Comedy means everything to me. He just breaks your heart and makes you laugh, and he does it all so beautifully.


(Photos) The Washington Post Portraits
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Emma was photographed at Ritz-Carlton for The Washington Post and the gallery has been updated with portraits, check them out.

001 004 005 008
(Photos) Denver Film Festival Portraits
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Our gallery has been updated with portraits from the Denver Film Festival, check them out:

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